Eric Orlando

Executive Vice President

Eric Orlando has been providing legislative and public affairs counsel to a variety of clients for more than two decades. His experience includes policy development, strategic outreach / coalition development, direct advocacy, and research.

He has managed complex policy initiatives and negotiated successful outcomes in the legislative and regulatory arenas. He is a tireless advocate who succeeds by understanding the issues better than his adversaries, crafting arguments to support his goals that are based on facts, and maintaining a portfolio of relationships with the policymakers and staff that matter. As a result, Eric is widely respected by not only his clients, but by those whose opinions he seeks to shape.

In 2017, Eric completed a year-long fellowship program conducted by Lead New Jersey (LNJ), the state’s most prominent leadership development organization, joining a prestigious community of the state’s most respected leaders in business and government.

Eric serves as the Executive Director of the Brewers Guild of New Jersey. The Guild represents the policy interests of pioneering independent craft breweries & brewpubs in the Garden State. The Guild’s mission is to ensure that positive trends for local, independent craft beer in the state continue through the promotion of sensible, innovative policies that will help increase purchase opportunities for consumers and the overall visibility of New Jersey craft beer.

Eric is currently a Board Member of both the New Jersey Tourism Industry Association and Princeton Mercer Regional Chamber of Commerce.

He began his career as a legislative aide to former Assemblywoman Connie Myers and is a graduate of Lafayette College.

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