Government Affairs & Lobbying

Affairs & Lobbying

Our team maintains relationships throughout the executive and legislative branches of state government throughout New Jersey. We’ve helped all our clients access the policy-making process to protect their interests and achieve their policy goals.

Legislative Intervention

Whether we’re trying to adopt, amend or defeat a bill, impacting the legislative process requires great strategy, great messaging, great contacts, and great timing. Our team works extensively with legislative leadership, committee chairs, members, and staff. We routinely draft bills and amendments, prepare testimony, brief staff, engage the Executive Branch, and coordinate the many moving parts involved in the process. We understand what our target audience cares about and how to make your issues relevant to decision-makers.

Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting

Information is power. We employ a state-of-the-art monitoring system that keeps you abreast of every move the Legislature makes on the issues you care about. We provide bill tracking, calendar reports and activity reports to clients every time the legislature conducts business. More importantly, we provide intelligence gleaned from personal interaction with those in and around the process. We will help you understand what is happening, why, and how best to impact the process.

Coalition Building & Management

Rare is the issue that impacts an audience of one. Organizing, leading or joining a coalition of individuals or organizations who share your goals can help improve the prospects for success. We help our clients identify potential partnerships, evaluate the potential benefits and liabilities and pursue those relationships that make sense.

Regulatory Compliance

Engaging government can often trigger a dizzying array of rules, regulations, laws and reporting requirements. Our team can dig into departments, divisions and agencies to help get the right attention on your project or problem. Whether you require our assistance with an isolated regulatory matter or broader insight into how to get things done The Zita Group will provide you with strategic advice and assistance to get you back on track.

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